We Don’t Talk Anymore #MusicMonday

Some songs resonate with me when I first hear them. I’m not sure when the lyrics of this tune initially revealed itself,  but I heard it again during a yoga class last week.

It was a sign to add the song here. Perhaps I’m feeling like I don’t talk enough to those who are important to me. I’m going to change that and aim to reconnect to several people I haven’t spoken to in a while.

Hope you find meaningful conversation with those who have been silent in your lives, and have a great week,


12 thoughts on “We Don’t Talk Anymore #MusicMonday

  1. Sometimes writing and talking are antagonists! When I’ve managed to complete a big writing job, all I want to do is reach out to everyone I had to ignore in order to get the writing done…

    Great song and a good reminder to re-connect with friends! xo

  2. I saw a bunch of folks having dinner. After a few minutes of chatting, everyone turned to their phones. Maybe conversation is fast becoming a lost art.

    1. I know! I’ve seen it between couples, in groups, all ages. It’s as if life in that moment is not exciting enough, and they need to look elsewhere. Lost art indeed.

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