Birthday #musicmondays

My birthday was yesterday. The great thing about having a birthday early in the month is I can celebrate for the entire month. πŸ™‚

This song plays almost every week at my Hot Body Tone class. It makes me smile even when I’m sweating and in pain! It’s a fun song, and I’m cool with that.

Let’s have fun while we can, right? Make every day feel like your birthday!

Enjoy March a.k.a. my birthday month!

~ eden


25 thoughts on “Birthday #musicmondays

  1. Happy Birthday MONTH Eden:) I like you celebrate the entire month. Great song they are playing for you in your class, too. Sending birthday hugs!

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful lady. I have that date on my calendar, but we just got back from Thailand and my mind stayed over there for a while. Hope you had a wonderful day, Hugs and kisses!

    1. Dannie! I hope your time was wonderful in Thailand, and certainly understand if your mind wants to stay there. Everything good here especially knowing you’re back safely. xox

  3. Happy birthday Eden! Love your thinking about how a birthday so early in the month let’s you have a birthday month rather than a measly day! Wishing you a FABULOUS March! xo

  4. That’s 28 more days of celebrating…I love a month-long birthday party!! Happy Birthday, Eden xo

  5. Well, a belated 25th, dear Eden. That was like a 25,000 calorie song. As long as it helps you squeeze out another rep. That’s what’s important.


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