Won’t Be Long #GreenBook #MusicMonday

Last week, I featured a song from the movie Green Book. It was the only nominated film I watched prior to the 2019 Academy Awards.

Yesterday, the film won Best Picture.


Green Book has a wonderful soundtrack, and I wanted to pull one more song from it for my Monday music posts. This early Aretha Franklin song played over the radio in one of the movie’s scenes.

I encourage you to see the film. I thought it was excellent, and it’s obvious I’m not the only one who thought so. 😉

Enjoy “Won’t Be Long” and have a wonderful week,


14 thoughts on “Won’t Be Long #GreenBook #MusicMonday

  1. Hi Eden. Capernaum is a film that was nominated in the foreign language film category. It’s really good. A gritty drama that focuses on a very resourceful street kid. Have a terrific week. See you!


  2. I haven’t seen any of the movies this year. I have some catching up to do and plan to watch Green Book. Great Monday song:)

  3. Wow, a young Aretha. I haven’t heard this song before so it’s always good to hear “new” ones.

    It seems the film’s Oscar win generated a lot of controversy.

    1. Yes Matt, great to see young Aretha. As for the film, I’ve read all the controversy. I really enjoyed the film, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course. I haven’t seen Spike Lee’s film or Black Panther, but I will eventually. Whether they are a more authentic representation of the black community is not something I can comment on, but as for films … I like ones that contain a slice of history and can also tell a good story, and that’s why Green Book appealed to me. Yes, it’s not told through the lens of a black person, but the story is told, nonetheless. Without it, Doctor Shirley and his music would’ve faded into obscurity. Now, his story is out there. People can continue to explore it as they wish.

  4. Wow. That’s the Aretha Franklin, I want to remember. She had her roots in R & B, but when she got older she seemed to drift away from it. I don’t remember that song, but there was fresh joy in the rendition. Now I gotta see the movie.

    1. Hi Jay, With such a pristine voice, Aretha could sing anything really, but I know what you mean about her roots in R & B. I hope you do see the film, worth it.

  5. Absolutely loved Aretha back then and still, her whole voice range sends those tingles down my spine and makes the hairs on my neck stand up! That track was the year I left school and I was into a lot of black clubs around London at the time. Soul, Blue Beat, as Ska/Reggae was known then and along came the Stones & to a lesser degree the Beatles, that just about set me up for the next 40 years or so music taste wise anyhow. If that is what the film is about then I’m going to definitely watch it. Thanks for those memories Eden. xx

    1. Hi Brian, The film is not so much about the music as it is about race relations of that era, though the music definitely helps define that period prior to the Civil Rights Movement. Definitely see if if you can, xx

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