Hold My Girl #MusicMonday

When I first heard George Ezra’s deep bass-baritone voice singing “Hold My Girl”, I expected the English singer/songwriter to be much older. As I was out for dinner at the time, I quickly Shazam-ed the song to learn more about it later.

This simple love song stuck with me. It’s bare bones with only Ezra’s big voice to draw in its listeners; that was enough for me.

He is certainly talented beyond his 25 years. Add to it, I love videos with a water theme, so I’m sharing his music here.

Hope it kicks off a wonderful week for you,


14 thoughts on “Hold My Girl #MusicMonday

  1. Hi Eden, so glad you chose this song for your Music Monday blog–I’ve been listening to it all week! I agree that it’s hard to reconcile that big voice with Ezra’s boyish face, but what a voice! I love the lyrics too. Stay warm, xo

    1. Hehe, agree on baby face and big voice. He’s kind of dopey adorable, isn’t he? Will try to stay warm but it’s not easy in this frigid city!

    1. Hi Matt, water … necessary and destructive, right? Happy you enjoyed the song. Have a safe week, weather is supposed to take a bad turn tomorrow.

  2. What a great song, he has a haunting voice. Although my drowning fears came into play watching the video.

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