The NIGHT MAN – A new #thriller by Robert Chazz Chute (@rchazzchute)

Author Robert Chazz Chute, an author I connected with from way back has just launched a new series called: The Nightscape Series.

Rob is an excellent writer and book one is now available.

Learn more about The Night Man below.

And because Rob is such a generous guy, he’s offering The Night Man FREE THIS SATURDAY ONLY – all the more reason to grab it now!

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Get it FREE on SATURDAY, January 12

Your father has been kidnapped. How much would you risk to save someone you don’t even like?

From the author of the Hit Man Series comes a new killer thriller.

Returning home after serving his country, Earnest “Easy” Jack hoped his family’s reputation had been forgotten. No such luck in Lake Orion. Small towns have long memories. Grudges run deep. Worse, his high school sweetheart is trapped in an abusive marriage. Family bonds, love and loyalty will be tested when a sociopathic billionaire and a dirty cop conspire to use Easy in a deadly bomb plot.

Escape is unlikely. Easy’s odds are not even.

The bad guys possess money, power and a jet packed with explosives. To make his stand, the Army Ranger is armed with quick wit and a Smith and Wesson. He also has one loyal German Shepherd named Sophie by his side. To combat the shady side of small-town America, the wounded warrior will have to enter the darkness he’d hoped to leave behind.

The new battleground is Michigan. The stakes are Easy’s heart, life and soul.

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Hi! I am a former journalist who loves working in the brain tickle business. I write twisty science fiction, twisted apocalyptic adventures, and killer crime thrillers. I’m probably best known for This Plague of Days, abnormally high grip strength and my love of keyboards. The Omnibus Edition of This Plague of Days won honorable mention in Writer’s Digest’s Self-published E-book Awards. (My new zombie apocalypse novel is called AFTER Life. Get ready for the invasion of the United States!)

I live in Other London where I write full-time. To receive deals and updates about my latest books, please join the inner circle at Thank you for your interest in my work! Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “The NIGHT MAN – A new #thriller by Robert Chazz Chute (@rchazzchute)

  1. Nice to meet you Robert! Sounds like a good read and I will be picking up my free copy. Thanks:) Enjoyed the post.

  2. Looks great, storyline sounds good. I’ll do the download on Saturday Robert. Thanks . And thanks to Eden for the intro.

  3. Thanks, Robert. I’m gonna break my rule of “no more books till I read all I have” to add one more to it. If Eden says you’re a good writer, that’s all the endorsement I need. I’ve got the book on my calendar.


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