Real Love #JohnLennon

Can you believe it’s been 38 years since John Lennon passed away? He would have been 78.

I’m always saddened that his life ended so tragically, that we lost an incredible songwriter and musician when he died.

Inevitably, I lament the lost opportunity. He could have contributed so much more to the world … then, I pause and remember what he did give us.

I’m so grateful his music lives on.

“Real Love” is a song written by Lennon and recorded by the three surviving Beatles in 1995 as part of The Beatles Anthology project.

I hope the song touches you. If you’re a Beatles fan, the video will probably bring a tear to your eye. It did for me.

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19 thoughts on “Real Love #JohnLennon

  1. I’m a huge John Lennon and Beatle fan. I still remember where I was when I heard he was shot. It happened on my husband’s birthday so we never forget. I agree about wondering what else he could have given us. Thanks for sharing the song.

    1. Hi Denise, I still remember where I was too, sad reminder that I’m now over a decade older than he was when he died. He accomplished so much in his short number of years. xox

  2. I can honestly say that I’d never heard that track before in my life! Quite amazing considering I grew up with the Beatles and their music in the UK. I quite agree that John Lennon was imho the best & most creative of them. However, as I was then & still am now always a Stones man, they were always the second best band from here, ha ha, & sorry Eden. Still loved them, just not as much I guess.

  3. I have never heard this song before…what a find! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Eden. Happy Monday xo

  4. Truly! Has it been that long. Seems like just the other day–until I put my thought to it and recall all that had happened between then and now.

    Yes, how much more he might have contributed. Perhaps merely the realization of the senselessness of the act of his murder might have prevented just one of the other acts of senselessness that happened since … and we’d have a handful of people still alive and in wonderment of this world we live in.

    Thank you, Eden, for the lovely thoughts and the video.


    1. Hi Jay , hard to believe it’s been so long, right? Senseless is the right word, hard to grapple with taking someone’s life for no good reason. Thanks for your words, lovely. I read your recent blog and left you a comment too.

  5. I was 13 years old when it happened…I just could not process what happened…the shock, sadness, and anger of it all. It has been a less interesting world without John.

    1. Hi BF20, I was in my teens as well… so awful. I’m glad Yoko is alive to ensure the killer never gets out. Truth is, he’d probably be killed if he did.

  6. I don’t know this song *embarrassed look*.

    Someone posted a picture of that fatal spot in front of the Dakotas with the caption “I read the news today oh boy…”.

    What a loss.

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