I’m featuring the fourth and final instalment with James Bay. In exploring the themes of love, loss, desire, and sacrifice for my current book, his lyrics hit the mark. They fit the characters I’m writing, some of whom are scarred, both literally and metaphorically.

Visible scars, and especially invisible ones, are evidence of trauma. We cannot know from a person’s scars whether one has conquered an event or become overwhelmed by it.

Scars don’t give any details. For that, we need to dig deeper.

I think scars are a good thing. I have visible and invisible ones myself, as I’m sure everyone does.

They may reveal our fragility, but they also prove our resilience.

Scars remind us we are all imperfect beings.

Have a good week, and feel free to share about your scars, 😉

~ eden


16 thoughts on “Scars

  1. I’d never heard this one before…makes me love James Bay even more, and all my own scars, xo

  2. Great insight on scars. You do never know if the event has been conquered or not. Nor do they tell us the story behind them, but do show a strength behind it.all we.
    Great song Eden, too. Have a great week with its scars and all.

    1. Hi Denise, no worries. I type the same way, trailing off sentences and sometimes forgetting to delete! Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a super week, xo

  3. I’m reminded by your post about how this particular time of year is always a reflection of past failures and traumas, and how nature itself reveals to us in these months how beautiful those “imperfections” can be.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing William. I’ve had my share of emotional problems which led to seeking professional help. I’m a strong believer in this. I’m glad to hear it’s helping you. xox

    1. There’s a whole world between and beneath your words, Eden. You have a way of opening the lid for just a peek, but the mind keeps cranking thoughts after the lid closes. It’s a gift. So happy you’re sharing it.

    1. Hi Neil, I hesitate to give a timeline as I’ve done so in the past and failed. I’m writing two books to complete my STRANGER series and it’s been a challenge for many reasons. I put out the first book – Stranger at Sunset in 2014. In between, I released other shorter books, but the trilogy is not finished. Right now, I’m aiming for next year. With a couple of plans in place, I should get it done. 🙂

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