Opera House

I featured Cigarettes After Sex earlier this year with their song “Apocalypse.”

Tonight, I see them live at The Danforth Music Hall, a small venue in the city originally built as a movie theatre in 1919. It was never an opera house, but it gained the “music hall” status when it started featuring live acts in the late 1970s.

Built an opera house for you in the deepest jungle
And I walked across its stage, singing with my eyes closed
I’ve got a love for you I just cannot escape
All of my love for you cuts me like barbed wire

I can’t remember the last time I attended a standing room space, but I’m looking forward to it. This song, along with many others will make me want to dance—slowly, and you can’t do that while seated .

Ooh, I was meant to love you
And always keep you in my life
Ooh, I was meant to love you
I knew I loved you at first sight

The lyrics … though simple, express heart-wrenching emotions like love, longing, and loss. These are themes I’ve been struggling with as I write  A Fragile Truce. 

Perhaps seeing tonight’s performance will help ease the pain.

Wishing you a creative and painless week,


15 thoughts on “Opera House

  1. I really enjoy the sound of this group, too. It’s become one of my treasured new “finds.” Thank you for sharing, Eden. 🙂

    1. Love their sound too, sensual and dreamy. A yoga class introduced me to them and I immediately connected with their sound . Thank you for commenting, lovely. xo

    1. Thanks so much for the link! I will definitely give them a listen. I love discovering new music, and recommendations from music lovers are the best. ox

      1. I did although I wasn’t familiar with a lot of their songs except for a handful. Then I heard a rendition of REO Speedwagon’s Keep on Loving You which surprise me. It took me while to figure where I heard that song before.

        I was about 15 to 20 feet from the stage. Too bad about the 9PM start. I was in the line up outside at 6:30 so it was a long wait. I did look around quite a bit to see if I could spot you but didn’t have any luck.

        1. Yes, REO Speedwagon! I remember that song and shocked myself that I recalled the name and band. I didn’t get there until close to 8, and left again when I found out they would not be performing until 9. No opening act – odd. Still, I enjoyed the short show, and they sound exactly as they do on youtube. I think it was too dark to see anyone, really. I was standing toward the back near the West bar. I can’t see if I’m too close since everyone is taller than me!

          1. You were smart to come back at 9. My back was very stiff when I got home. The floor is angled down towards the stage and all that standing was a bit too much. Too bad I was too stubborn to give up my spot. I’m still a bit annoyed about the 9 PM start.

            1. Yes, standing on concrete floors is not great for the back. It is odd it started at 9pm. I have to wonder if they had an opening act that cancelled because usually they would’ve come on at 7pm.

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